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Film L… like love is based on true story about young people from ex-Yugoslavia, who live and work in Prague – “center of emigrant crosses”. At the meeting point of different nations, cultures and personal destinies, as well as different kind of atmosphere they are going through the changes in life, which are leading them into something completely new, different, special…

L… like love is about friendship, about love and about the decadent society of today, where moral values are lost, once money and drugs are involved.

The story follows a young film director Gina, who is about to shoot her first feature film, but doesn't have the script or money. The only thing she is certain is that it has to be about love, true love. Before consciously finding the right story to tell, she begins to make a movie about her life and life of her closest friends.

The involvement of a mafia spy, President Bush doll, Transvestite flat mate, an ex-boyfriend, a sclerotic grandmother and mafia boss, not only causes a lot of surprises, danger and broken hearts, but also emotional struggles and unexpected comical situations.

Instead of making a film, slowly Gina’s love story, story of her life and lives of her friends is changing in to a story full of action, danger and drama of broken harts.

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