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Future film L... like love, directed by Janja Glogovac will be presented at the Lent Festival 2009 in Maribor. Screening of the film is on Thursday 9th July 2009 at 21.30 pm. After the screening you can join us on MKC PARTY with DJ DANI, DJ KLUK, DJ BARBAROSSA.

29th Valencia Film Festival

The Mostra of Valencia Cinema of Mediterrani is a plataform for culture and film industry. Located in the city of Valencia, its objective is to promote an intercultural dialogue and understanding between the different cultures from the Mediterranean area.

The Selection Committee of Valencia Film Festival selected future film " L.... LIKE LOVE " by Janja Glogovac in a Special Section: CINEMA BY WOMEN ("MOSTRA MUJERES") of this years edition . Festival is scheduled from 14th until 22nd October 2008.


24th Warshaw Film festival

The members of Selection Committee selected future film L... Like Love, directed by Janja Glogovac, to be a part of the 24th Warsaw Film Festival (WFF), which is scheduled for October 10th-19th, 2008. Festival is listed among Top 20 festivals in Europe and among 50 films.


16th Raindance Film Festival

The full-length film L…Like Love, directed by Janja Glogovac, is selected to be in the main program of 16th Raindance International Film Festival in London.

Festival is scheduled for October 1th-12th, 2008, screening of the film is on Thursday 9th 2008. Film is reviewed as one of the greatest films to come out of Eastern Europe this year.


Coolpolitics Cinema Film Festival

Coolpolitics Research is founded by Farid Tabarki and Jaap Spreeuwenberg (also founder of the civic social not-for-profit Coolpolitics organization). Coolpolitics aim is to define Europe’s generation of twentysomethings and understanding the true motives of this generation. In this years Cinema festival future film L…. like love, directed by Janja Glogovac, will be presented.


16th International film festival

The Art Film festival has been established in 1993 and today it presents new trends and unique possibility of seeing the best films and film productions of conteporary world cinema.

In this year’s selection, the commission of Art Film festival selected film L… like love for this year’s Eastern Panorama Competition. The festival will take place from June 27th till July 6th, 2008.

EuroCine 27!

"27 European countries = 27 different ways to make movies"

For the 5th consecutive year, with the support of the European Community, EuroCine 27 gave the opportunity to 27 European movies, one for each Member State. The event took place in the theatres of UGC multiplex, situated in the heart of Brussels.

But only three of them have been choosen to have solemn screenings with directors and authors present, and one was L… like love, directed by Janja Glogovac. Film was shown on 9th of May, on European Day in UGC De Brouckere Grand Sala Eldorado (700 seats) at 19:30.

The solemn screening attended the director Janja Glogovac, the actresses Lucija Šerbedžija and Labina Mitevska and the producer Radovan Mišić.

This event will take place simultaneously in 5 other cities in Europe (Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Madrid and Rome).

"L... Like Love" has already been presented in the film catalogue and website as a "model example of the new East European cinematography, which is critical of everything, first and foremost itself".



Slovenian premiere

Feature film by young talented film director Janja Glogovac had its premiere in Slovenia – 13.2.2008 in Kolosej Ljubljana and 14.2.2008 in Planet Tuš Maribor.

Rotterdam film festival

The full-length film L…Like Love directed by a young inspiring film director Janja Glogovac was invited into the main program. The Rotterdam Film Festival is considered one of the most prestigious festivals of authorial film in the world. The film was invited into the main program and get very good critics.

Written by: Boyd van Hoeij

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